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Welcome to Torpevannet Holiday Park

Torpevannet Feriepark is a little gem at the freshwater Torpevannet.
We are located in the popular coastline at Brunlanes in Larvik.
We are a quiet campsite that suits most people.
We have good places with spaciousness for neighbors.
With natural mountaineers and forests that separate the different fields.
The service building was set up in 1997 and has beautiful toilet and shower facilities.

The campsite is handicap adapted, so there is room for everyone.
We have started building the Holiday Park into a western camp.
We hold an annual Rendezvous in week 29.
Where you can go on a journey back to the 1800s.

This has now become the second largest in the Nordic region.
We have a great beach where you can swim, fish or sunbathe.

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